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About Socialtilsyn Hovedstaden

Socialtilsyn Hovedstaden is a regional authority located in Frederiksberg municipality. Socialtilsyn means “social supervision”, and we are responsible for supervising residential sites accommodating adults and children with physical or mental handicaps, substance abuse problems, and foster families. 

Our main responsibility is to supervise the quality under which the residents are living, and approve new institutions and foster families. Working from a model with seven themes, we ensure that all aspects are looked upon. This can only be done in close cooperation with the institution or foster family, making dialogue and mutual collaboration very important.

The seven themes each have a set of indicators. The themes are:

1. Education and occupation
2. Independence and relations
3. Health and well-being
4. Audience, methods and results
5. Organisation and management (family structure and family dynamics in foster families)
6. Competences
7. Fysical locations

There are five regional centers in Denmark, and Socialtilsyn Hovedstaden’s geographical responsibility lies within the Capital region of Denmark. 


Since January 1st 2014 a whistleblower phone number and web application has been open to the public. Residents, family, staff etc. can anonymously contact Socialtilsyn Hovedstaden, if they wish to inform us of any concerning information about an institution or foster family. 

Socialtilsyn Hovedstaden is not allowed to reveal to the institution, foster family, municipals involved or any other outside party, that we have received a whistleblower. When we receive one, we always make our own enquiries. A whistleblower alone cannot lead to any formal actions taken by Socialtilsyn Hovedstaden, but instead helps us to know if there are anything significant we should pay special attention to. 

You can contact our whistleblower phone during office hours, or use the web application at any time.

Phone: 38 21 37 70
Office hours: Mon – Thurs 9am -15pm, Fri 9am-12am. Weekends and holidays closed
Web application:

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